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Benefits of Membership

Basic Membership

A bit of everything everyone asks for as inexpensively as we can provide it!

    Immediately receive the 3-hour
    Fiverr Success Workshop!

    Cancel anytime no questions asked!

    First Month, Just $1.99!

    ► Cancel anytime! Second month FREE, then $9.99/month.

    1. Monthly advisor meeting (create/review milestones, advice and answers, etc)
    2. Free events and content, starting with a free sample of the every other week
    3. Audacity Lab and Voiceover Games workshops, plus a 3-part Fiverr course.
    4. Your choice of Home study course (includes quizzes and homework), 1/month.
    5. Free ProDev Lesson Samples (and homework, and evaluations).

    Student discounts on:

    1. Services (e.g. creating a demo)
    2. Training (e.g. audition process and production)
    3. Business and Tech Support (e.g. starting on Fiverr)
    4. Events (e.g. Directed Session work with industry insiders)
    5. Mini courses (e.g. negotiating with studios).