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Voiceovers.com Business Model and Membership Levels:

Matt Dubois explains the Voiceovers.com business model and membership levels (this was originally posted by Matt as a comment at Facebook.com/groups/vopreneur/)

Limited Membership

Vetting is not just limited to pros, it is limited based on volume. Currently there are no GOLD spots open and waiting list for many categories in Pro level as well (I’ll explain that one in a minute). We took about 3,500 applicants for 1,000 Pro membership ($300) spots and about 115 for Gold membership ($5,000) during pre-registration.

As of June 26, 2019, we are still accepting applications, so I encourage you to apply (explain why in a minute). We will always have more jobs than talent on our roster, by a significant multiple. The “bad” sites have more Talent than jobs and even some of the “good” sites have more members than jobs annually. I won’t take your money if you I can’t get you a return on your investment. I have proven that by turning down or wait listing 60+ Gold (60 x $4,995) and 2,500 Pro (2,500 x $299) and that is all without a single email blast or dollar in marketing. I did not invite any Talent to the platform, I promised for day 1 that I would not try to sell to Talent.

Matching Demand to Talent

I also own Voice Casting Hub, so I have some great data on the makeup of project types and voice types used. I have a 20 year background in FinTech, data warehousing, and analytics software so knowing the numbers / ratios is important to me.

  1. I used the data from Hub projects regarding voice types (age range, gender, tone, style, etc.) and overlayed that with Google Keyword Planner data and other data recon tools publicly available to determine the search volumes for “hire a voiceover” and then applied my digital marketing team’s historical conversions rates to come up with our CPA (cost per acquisition).
  2. Combine that SEM (search engine marketing) data with our #1 organic SEO position (search engine optimization) and my copywriters who churn our fresh SEO-friendly content every week and 2 dedicated salespeople AND the 5 Buyer tradeshows we are attending (the next being VOICE Summit in Newark on July 22nd, where we will have a booth in front of 5,000+ voice first developers, I am also speaking at that conference as I have 21 years development experience, 2+ specifically in the voice sector)
  3. Lastly, existing demand from some Hub buyers who wanted a different Buyer experience but still wanted top Talent and there you have a high level explanation of how we acquire Buyers. I funded development entirely and set aside $250,000 in year 1 marketing budget. The Talent membership fees “keep the lights on”, cover ongoing hosting, employees, phones, etc. I personally do not make a dollar unless Talent are booking, I have designed the business model so that my financial interests are in line with the Talent.

Many other sites get more money by adding on more Talent and charge a higher subscription fee. That financial model is directly opposed to the Talent members interest. Plus, Talent already have good options for a site like that. I could have done that allowed $3,500 Pro members and 115 Gold and sat back and pat myself on the back for a job well done, but I feel the industry’s issues, specifically with Rates required that I do something different (real time chat, fixed rate pricing / DcypherVO, and VoiceLease (non-union royalties). What I am launching is drastically different than anything out there. Nothing wrong with what’s out there, I am just trying a different approach. You, that Talent now have options.


I didn’t just let on 1,000 members, the membership makeup matches the makeup of voices needed for the Hub over the last 2 years. These ratios will change and membership will adjust so that every member has an equal chance and no Category is saturated and over competitive.


To make it short and sweet, are you likely to get a larger return on investment with a Gold membership than with a Pro? Yes, you should, you invested more. Does that mean Pro is not worth it or has bad jobs, NO, to the contrary. I would say that auditioning the same, a Pro is likely to get a higher ROI percentage than a Gold, but the Gold will likely get a higher dollar ROI.

So if you approach this as an investment (as you should), and one of several streams of revenue for you, you should definitely see a very healthy ROI with a Pro and it is definitely worth it. The primary differences are that Gold members get a few hours head start and we are their outsourced marketing company. We allow them to post external links and actually do SEO for their site, content writing and promotion, It is actually less expensive than hiring a SEO company or marketing company.

Frankly, as most of you know digital marketing is costly and time consuming, the ROI is typically not there, there are much better ways for you as Talent to do marketing. After meeting with hundreds of very successful Talent over the past 2 years, the biggest thing that the top earners said they wish they could work on or grow, was marketing, specifically digital marketing. All the VO people I met over the past 2 years, I noticed that they were not just actors, they were entrepreneurs, investing in equipment, doing marketing, accounting, editing, branding, have a website, multiple streams of revenue, etc. All the other sites address you solely as an actor, I made a site for the VO entrepreneur (and I am not just saying that because the name of the group, you can go back to my earliest videos and emails and spoke about this and how I was pleasantly surprised when I met so many of these people, as we had more in common than I initially expected).

This is a purpose driven platform, I have a passion for creating disruptive technology that is “for good” and “for profit”, I have no interest in squeezing every nickle out of this, I believe we succeed best by helping others succeed. I prefer to make good money doing good, than make great money screwing people.

I have shared my mission in my videos, I am not an actor, not even a good public speaker, I just know how to make good software businesses and I share that. I found voiceover because my amazing wife has been a VO actor for nearly 20 years and after all I had heard over the past few years, I felt compelled to make a difference. You won’t hear me talk bad about other sites, or people, not my style. All you will ever hear me speak about is my vision and what I am doing about it. The new approach may excite you or you may not like it, you are free to ignore me and the site, some people strongly disagree with me and that’s just fine. One thing you can trust is that I am transparent, so what you see is what you get.