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Recording Session for Your Commercial Voiceover Demo

We are setting up a day to make final recordings for your commercial demo. To help us schedule several people on the same day, please select as many options as might work for you. Thanks!

Select up to two time choices for each of the day options below, or choose “No Good” if none of the times work for you on that date. We will contact you directly with your options once we receive several surveys. Exact start times may shift slightly from what is listed here.

Your session would be with Dave and Sarah at the training center, probably for 45 minutes or so. We can’t promise to fit everyone in, but will schedule more dates/times as needed. This would replace your advanced class for the week of the recording session.

  • No Good4:30 PM6 PM7:30 PM
    5/25 1st choice
    5/25 2nd choice
    6/1 1st choice
    6/1 2nd choice
    6/8 1st choice
    6/8 2nd choice
  • No Good1 PM2 PM3 PM4 PM
    5/26 1st choice
    5/26 2nd choice
    6/2 1st choice
    6/2 2nd choice
    6/9 1st choice
    6/9 2nd choice
  • No Good1 PM2 PM3 PM4 PM
    5/27 1st choice
    5/27 2nd choice
    6/10 1st choice
    6/10 2nd choice