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Work at your own pace. Pay only for what you need. Prices up to 80% off.

Schedule a chat about the full curriculum here or schedule up an audition here. Not everyone who auditions is accepted. All full curriculum students receive one year Ultimate membership, regularly $1,500/yr.  Sessions are 40 minutes, and begin on time.

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The School of Voiceover has taught entire talent agencies (hundreds of sessions coached and recorded for each agency), and produced 78 one-day Money Voice Factory (formerly the Voice Acting Expo) training events, producing as many as 350 sessions in a single day at large conference hotels. In addition to our most popular coaches shown above (such as Sabrina), dozens of industry pros and insiders have coached through the School, including:

  1. Nine Agency and Studio Owners, each with decades of experience.
  2. Eight Agents. We have also trained talent who went on to become agents.
  3. Twenty-Two Top Talent. Four of whom taught voiceover at the Guthrie, most of whom have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the industry, some with decades of coaching experience.
  4. Eight Producers. Two of whom had won regional Emmys, three who also did casting.
  5. Julliard Award-Winner Michael Curran-Dorsano also coaches regularly but with very limited availability.

Much of what we share about how the industry works comes from interviews with these industry insiders and pros, and sharing how they produce, coach and cast.