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Over 90% of demos and most auditions are rejected in four seconds or less. (Source: 78th Voice Acting Expo).

Too many training programs take anyone who can pay. We don’t. You must audition to become a student, come via a qualified referral (generally an agent in our network) or pass this consulting call. No one else gets in. Click here for a PDF overview of our core curriculum.

We help you make money during training—if you’re ready. Start fast to reach significant annual income goals sooner.

Whether you want to pursue voiceover for fun, for additional income, or as a career, we provide the complete curriculum covering the Nine Core Competencies of Voiceover (as defined by the American Academy of Voiceover) as well as free voiceover career checklists in Performance, Production (such as Learn Audacity) and Business. Here are some of our upcoming workshops.

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