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top voiceover agencies in the Twin Cities:

How to apply to Talent Poole

How to apply to NUTS, Ltd.

How to apply to Moore Creative Talent, Inc.

How to apply to Wehmann Models & Talent Inc.

How to apply to the Meredith Agency


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Weekly Syllabus For Advanced Students

Essentials lasts 5 weeks, 2+ hours most weeks, and includes on-mic coaching sessions each week. Learn more here.

After Essentials, you can audition to take a higher level Advanced or Professional Development (“Pro Dev”) series.

Once you have begun taking a higher level training series, if you can complete the requirements of that series, you will automatically move to the next higher series or be refunded the amount remaining in the series that you are in.

Whenever you are ready to win an agent audition, you automatically move to Demo Track (Level 5).

Remember: You can audition to skip anylevel.