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Some schools take anyone who can pay. We don’t.

You must audition to become a student, or come via a qualified referral (generally an agent in our network). Set up this free call if you have questions. Multi-clip video demos sufficient to start making money are free of charge to all students, not an extra fee.

Over 90% of demos and most auditions are rejected in four seconds or less. (Source: 78th Voice Acting Expo)—don’t let yours be one of them. We help you start as fast as you are able—some students have even paid off their tuition during training. We have trained entire talent agencies—100’s of sessions—multiple times. Graduates are automatically enrolled free into the Success Network. Custom curriculum and custom payment plans available.



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Nine Mastery Zones




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  1.   Audition required for paid training
  2.   Start before any discount deadlines expire to receive those discounts
  3.   Customized payment plans and training packages available.  Continued training requires keeping up with payments or paying in full. 
  4.   Full curriculum training starts when you have paid at least $599, or a date you choose after that point
  5.  “Fast Start” studio setup help is available before beginning training (details below)

Home Studio Fast Start

We will help you begin setting up your studio before beginning training. Learn more here. To start fast, you must:

  1. Reserve FULL CURRICULUM training
  2. Purchase and receive the equipment recommended here
  3. Make a deposit of $300 or more
  4. Let us know when all the equipment has arrived

We’ll provide instructional documents, and tips and personal help via zoom. If you want to do things differently, just let us know and we’ll figure out how best to help you.

Fast Start option: For full curriculum students only. Not included with session packages, individual sessions, or workshops.