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With our checklists, you can train yourself, or be able to ask smart questions before paying anyone for training. For performance, checklists are divided into Acting, Voice and Session Abilities.

The Fundamentals of Voiceover class is the primary training of our core curriculum. In that class, you will:

  1. Learn the primary session, acting and voice competencies of performance.
  2. Setup your studio and produce actual demo tracks to promote yourself.
  3. Begin working for pay during training if you choose to—some earn back the cost of training during training. Others want more time to set up their studio and practice—it’s entirely up to you. Discipline your time and you can start very quickly.

After training, you will have access to our Success Network to transition from Launch Pad objectives to career objectives. You are provided home studio consulting and setup assistance during class, and for an additional 6 weeks after your last workshop. You will also receive credits you can use for demo production and promotion, marketplace setup, additional home studio assistance, etc. 

Click here to setup a consulting call. We are in our third decade creating successful voice talent. You cannot signup online—we do not take everyone. You must either be referred or meet with a coach and send in an evaluation first. Click here to receive a free overview of the checklists.

Well-trained performers provide a presence that feels unconsciously human and authentic to listeners while achieving other performance objectives.

Poorly-trained performers lose natural speech quality when attempting other performance objectives.

Poorly-trained performers sound like someone “reading a sales announcement to a demographic” rather than having a conversation with a friend. They tend to impersonate low-skilled, low-paid (“bad”) voice over performances they have heard.

We provide T.A.S.K. standards to test, measure and certify performers in each of these core competencies. Becoming certified requires demonstrating proficiency and understanding in an area of competency.

Certification standards exist for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional levels.

Demonstrating a competency at any level is all that is required to be certified in that competency at that level. In areas where a student demonstrates natural aptitude and awareness, less training, knowledge, skill and technique is needed.

Because casting professionals quickly reject performances that violate key standards for authentic and natural speech regardless of other factors, the primary competency Acting and Voice is authentic speech.