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Sarah & Dave Larson

Tarquin T-C

Highly HIGHLY recommended! An incredible abundance of knowledge perfect for someone relatively new to Voice Acting from coaches that are clearly well-versed veterans with vast experience. From the coursework to the group classes to the 1-on-1 training, they prepared me very well to get quality work. I can’t thank Sarah and Dave enough for preparing me. I am continuing with the school.

Dominic Kanaventi

Arguably the best voice-over training anywhere. I was amazed by my transformation. Sarah and Dave are seasoned professionals who have experienced the journey firsthand. Their expert guidance took my voice to new heights, AND they provided extensive guidance on home studio setup. This training is unparalleled in quality. If you’re serious about voice-over, the School of Voice-Over is an unmatched learning experience.

Les Lamotte

The founders are top-notch professionals with a real heart to help others succeed. The training has prepared me to walk into any studio with the professional knowledge needed to begin a career in the business. Within 48 hours of my first class, I was paid for a great job! I would never in my wildest dreams even attempted starting work this fast if it were not for the professional training. I took their advice on how to ask a friend who had authored a book have me do the Audio Book. I invoiced 50% down as advised and started recording! Thank you Sarah and Dave Larson for this wonderful opportunity!

James Pierce

I’ve tried four training companies and recommend this above all of them. By far the best instruction I have ever received. No glitz no glamour, just results! Founders Sarah and Dave made me feel like they actually cared, always giving honest feedback and good direction. I only regret I didn’t find this sooner!!!

Paul Thomas

High-quality in-depth voice over training. The deep performance and technical experience of the coaches helped on several levels, including bringing out the best of my authentic brand voice. Loved the course and very grateful for the expertise and support of Sarah, Dave and all the coaches!

Meredith Revy Tuve

Absolutely fantastic and so much fun! The coaches are great at helping both beginners and experienced pros. Everyone I met was lovely, friendly, and shared useful knowledge about a wide range of VO industry topics. Fast-moving and fun, so be prepared to learn and laugh a lot. 100% worth the money!

Jenica Domanico

Incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Sarah and Dave really care about their students. From session skills to demo creation to production to quality home studio design and creation, their patient support covers every aspect of the business. They always go the extra mile, and provide an incredible number of resources to help students succeed in voiceover world. I am so grateful for launching my voiceover career here!

Autumn Lee

The best value for info+experience I have EVER experienced. I attended a one-day training with my daughter… ohhh myyy goodness it was FANTASTIC! The fun alone is worth the price!  More than one friend with an agent said great things about the School, and my experience was that even if you know a lot…you will learn so much more! Plus (and this is important to me) they provide an open, comfortable, supportive, encouraging, safe space for all that is top notch from start to finish: training, coaching, staff, emails, phone calls, registering…all professionally and spot-on-ly orchestrated.

Susan Allen

I would give this course 10 stars if I could. The voice  coaching is excellent, as well as the home studio and production design help, and help getting work fast. Sarah and Dave are lifetime coaches with over 40 years in the business. They know all aspects of the business, what works and what doesn’t, and have great insight into people’s potential and how to bring out the best in you. I grew and gained a lot of confidence. I’m so glad I took this course—it was amazing!

Jon Bahnfleth

The amount of information is astonishing, but also how methodically it is broken down to make learning easier. My previous experience with online training was not good, but this was fantastic. The training reflects industry standards updated daily. Everyone in my class was all smiles. I loved the coaches and the teaching methods! I started not knowing much, but Sarah and Dave have given me everything I could have asked for and more. I truly appreciate how they have been there for me every step of the way to answer questions and help wherever and whenever I need it.

Terence Brown

I really looked forward to the classes every week! Sarah and Dave’s expertise and infectious enthusiasm was great. Exceeded my expectations in every way.

Janelle Nelson

They helped me make a demo, submit to agencies, and get signed! Dave and Sarah share deep knowledge of the industry, local markets, and best steps to take. And did I mention they are gentle, honest and FUN people who always put student’s needs first? The honest feedback and encouragement of the one-day event convinced me to enroll in the main training, and I’m so glad I did. I also took advanced training to focus on what I do best, to find my “sweet spot”. I took the risks they guided me through, and studied and practiced as they recommended, and their complementary teaching and coaching styles has paid off for me. Now I’m auditioning for high-paying work and feel confident doing it. Dave and Sarah, I’m most grateful for all you have given me.

Jeffery R
(Buk Of Psychodrama)

I highly recommend two of the coolest people on the planet, Sarah and Dave. They taught me recording and vocal techniques I never knew, even though I’ve been a hip hop artist for over 30 years. They are true experts. If you’re looking to learn REAL professional voiceover, go here. I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn from them. I loved every session and picked up many, many useful tools and tips.

Tora Meyer

The School of Voiceover is a GOLD MINE! The generous help from insightful and kind professional coaches brings you everything you need to launch a voiceover career. Group classes and one-on-one sessions cover a ton, from setting up a professional home studio, the skills and practice of voice acting, and marketing and business-building info. I am grateful for all I gained from Dave and Sarah’s well-developed program, and look forward to continuing with them.

Lauri Jordana

I wholeheartedly recommend School of Voiceover training. A friend who started a long, successful voiceover career by training at the School told me about them. Workshops are jam-packed with valuable information and tons of resources, and the one-on-one coaching covered everything from session skills to acting to speech to home studio setup. I also received recordings of ALL sessions to study any time I need. The schedule is near flawless. These long-established experts in the biz take a very personal approach to each student, and are also great human beings. Sarah and Dave provide a huge knowledgebase of information, covering not only script analysis, voice acting, home studio setup, starting a VO business fast, but much, much more.

John M

I would give more stars if I could. I learned a lot!!! Sarah and Dave have a ton of experience and knowledge, and are more(!) than willing to stay late to help and answer questions. This wonderful, family-run school includes recorded coaching on mic, prompt feedback, a wealth of information, and fun homework that builds your skills! They provide lifetime support, help you through the process of starting in business, and show how to master your brand in everything from auditioning to working online to getting an agent. To learn about voice over, start here!

Rick Seime

Working with founders Sarah and Dave is an absolute delight. A big thank you for sharing your expertise, time, and talent, all delivered with good humor! Your invaluable coaching, insight, technical expertise and transformative feedback taught me a lot, and motivated me to keep honing my skills. I’m looking forward to future consultation and training with all the coaches at the School.

Elexis Sumpter

Awesome school, awesome teachers. They share ALL the essentials needed to pursue a career in voice over. Absolutely great. Informative and fun. Sarah and Dave are wonderful people who created an enjoyable and enlightening experience. So grateful for all I learned and all the help. For enjoyable classes, great people and tons of resources you can use whenever needed, I highly recommend the School.

Nandi Tippett

Everything you need to succeed and I mean everything! I’m honored to have been trained by such a supportive team of professionals. Plus, they connect you to a network of industry professionals. Engaging, thorough, and highly recommended. Great and very flexible help setting up a home studio, mastering industry standards, and perfecting the tricks of the acting trade.

Sabrina B.

Katie Huber

Sabrina makes everyone feel comfortable right away—she’s very easy to talk to. She’s also very knowledgeable, such as on the technical aspects of setting up audio editing software.

She’s in the trenches herself, regularly doing for clients the exact work she’s helping us set up, so when she talks about the highs and challenges, you know she gets it on a personal level! Her help always felt like a breath of fresh air. If you’re working with Sabrina, expect a relatable experience.

Michael Curran-Dorsano, Actor,
Coach, Juilliard Award Winner

Sabrina can give great career advice one moment and specific acting techniques the next. She’s got a great ability to translate what a script asks for into an actual performance, and understands what casting directors are looking for. I have co-coached with her several times, and it’s always been a great experience. One of her key strengths is helping actors overcome internal blocks like nerves and self-esteem issues. She listens and probes until something clicks for them. She is a true educator. She meets students where they are.

I once watched her help the writer of a script understand the characters they themselves had written to be better able to perform them. She easily bridges theory and practice to get actors engaged at multiple levels.  She’s terrifically positive, and empathetic. She has deep-rooted determination to help, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.

Mark Nash

Sabrina really knows how to get you to play and push boundaries. She helped me get at the core essence of the emotions and point of view of my characters, to find the authentic motives of each one.

Plus, her energy is contagious! It’s great to work with someone so committed to their craft. She really knows how to get actors to let go of tension and overthinking, and free you up to play and push boundaries. Also, she has some great tricks to show you how to reset tension and bring back focus and energy.

I have really benefited from her encouragement.  I’m much more fearless and able to adapt now.

Jameel Barnes

Sabrina’s a director, but it doesn’t feel like being directed—it just feels like a conversation. She made it fun, and that made it feel easy. I felt I was in good hands. I liked that a lot.

She turned my audition nerves into self-confidence. She does a lot of voice over work, so she has a lot of valuable advice and information, plus she’s easy to talk to. She did characters with me, which was a lot of fun, and really put me at ease. I learned I can mess up and it’s okay, she showed me how to just reset and keep going. I learned how pros reset, and that everyone does it.

I gained a lot of confidence working with her. She tuned into my style, my level, to help me do my best work. She made becoming a voiceover pro feel achievable to me.

Victor Redmond

Working with Sabrina was a fantastic, fun experience. She kept it light, but showed me both my strengths and areas for improvement. She tailored her coaching to meet me where I was.

She is very talented and really knows what she is talking about. It was clear she knew her stuff when she gave examples. Her talent as an actor encouraged me to step up my game! She helped me break out of my low-key shell, showed me how to open my range, and how to embody a character more fully. 

I can’t say enough good things about my time with her, she’s got a great blend of professional wisdom and personal warmth. She’s a real pleasure to work with.

Kameron Winter

Sabrina was just the right person to get me to open up and experiment. She’s done lots of different characters, and she does funny and interesting voice work daily. She’s a lot of fun to work with.

I used to get flack for doing cartoon and animation voices, and it made it uncomfortable to do voices in front of people. But Sabrina is so encouraging and experienced, it felt free to be silly, and not judged, which is really awesome. She made it very easy to trust her, and encouraged me a ton. I’ve seen voice actors do their money voice, but also do some crazy voice stuff, they have this wide variety. That’s really a big thing I wanted that she helped me with, to get comfortable with the stuff I’m not confident in . She made it easy to do what I felt and not overthink it, to just keep going and experiment and let loose more. She brought me back to how I used to enjoy voices as a kid, to not be afraid to be weird, to just be outlandish and have fun. I really liked working with her.

Kails Beckett

Character work used to be more aspiration than reality for me, but Sabrina showed me how to dive into it with confidence. I’ve struggled with being open and willing to experiment, but she really makes it fun and playful. She’s so open!

She made it much easier to stay in character, act natural and integrate with a real or imaginary scene partner through her Flash Scene scripts and techniques. Plus, her expertise with characters is a major source of inspiration for me. She really does this stuff!

She helped me break out of my shell and be a better version of myself . She showed me to let go, experiment, and prove to myself that I really can excel in this field.

Rick Jayce

Sabrina is very effective at freeing my creative side to bring out the actor in me. She figures out what I need, then shifts gears to help me get there. She’s great at what she does, thank God, because I need it!. As a retired psychologist, I really value her knack for listening intently and then prompting me with just the right question. She helps me notice things, and builds on that.

Her mantra is to practice the fundamentals until they become second nature—the drill-to-skill process—so I can focus on creativity and trust the mechanics will be there. She’s also a talented performer that I learn a lot from by example and through improvising with her. She’s helped me get much better at creating the scenes that my roles exist in. She helps me be less of a button-down guy and less self-conscious. Her collaborative process is very individualized, very adaptable, not at all cookie cutter. She helps me better understand my own performance, and where I need to focus, something I find invaluable. The depth and quality of her insight and feedback has been transformative for me.

Mark Gates

Sabrina is a really skilled actor, and her energy and enthusiasm is more like a fun friend than a coach. She’s just fun to be around, and she doesn’t rush you.

You can be stuck on something and she’s always really comforting and willing to work with you to get through it. The improvisational exercises she customized for me were especially valuable. She inspired me to take my character work to the next level. Her skill at switching character roles is amazing, she just transforms.

You can tell Sabrina is very enthusiastic about helping people. She enjoys what she does, and working with her had a huge impact on me.

Michael Curran-Dorsano

Kim Couillard

You come away from training with Michael feeling really good about yourself and your abilities. The creative non-judgmental environment he creates was perfect. This was amazing to a new person like me.

The tips from his many years of experience as an audiobook narrator were incredible. He showed me how to find ideas through script analysis, give myself over to those ideas and how to commit to that character.

He’s so lighthearted but at the same time he takes you more seriously than you take yourself. He has a unique gift that comes from being a genuinely wonderful human being.

Paul Hodapp

His enthusiasm for your choices and efforts encourages you right through your self-criticism, regardless of experience or performance level. It was perfect for a self-critic like me.

He’s pushed me way beyond my usual range in developing voices and characters. It was such a wonderful thing to experience! Michael is just a tremendous guy to work with. He also showed me how to find much more than I realized was there in every script I tried. He opened many areas for me as an actor that I didn’t even realize were there.

Olivia Oehler

Michael is so helpful and light and fun, no one ever feels like they’re failing, and he uses that to get magic out of everyone. He’s great at figuring out what people need.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again. He finds fun and depth in even the most dry and boring narrative, makes it fun for the actor, and then it becomes fun to listen to. I produced dozens of coaching sessions for Michael. He knows exactly how to unlock anyone’s potential. It’s incredibly comforting. No one ever feels bad or clueless working with Michael. He gives each person what they need to learn in the best way for them.

Sabrina Brancaccio

He gets you out of your head to stop worrying about whether you’re good enough, and find your range and comfort level. He’s amazing—you never know what he’s going to bring to the table! He totally rekindled my passion for acting after a long break years ago.

His positive process helped me regain my confidence and brought me out of my shell and back to loving the business. One trick he taught me was to focus on body work off mic, express myself freely, then bring that back onto working on mic.

He also showed me a major character voice revelation—how to find a male voice that works for my higher pitched female voice. It was huge for me when he taught me how to still be me playing a male character. Working with him is so inspiring!

Zarah Nesser

Michael is an amazing acting coach. His Julliard training is part of what really sets him apart from other coaches. Previous coaches sometimes left me frustrated.

He’s very thorough at helping you go deep and find things you didn’t expect. He can prepare you for anything. Whatever you’re working on, Michael can help you challenge yourself to achieve something emotional and difficult and wonderful.

Brandon Farr

Michael gives you his total focus. He shows me something that changes my outlook almost every time we work together.  He takes you to another level  compared to other acting coaches I’ve worked with thanks in part to his Julliard training.

Jim Bedford

He opened my eyes every time we worked together. He showed me what a wide range of voices I can do. He taught me about multiple accents and script analysis and gave me so many great insights into character development.

I worried about being intimidated by him because he is such an awesome actor (I saw all five seasons of The Last Ship), but man was I wrong! He’s incredibly easy to talk to and work with.

I thought I was stuck in a certain area and Michael just blew it wide open. Every session with Michael brings multiple aha! moments. He really opened my eyes to how much I can achieve.

Laura Sampson

Michael’s teaching has been awesome. I keep his advice close to my heart whenever I’m performing. I learned so much about commitment, the moment before and after, creating the character and the scene, and much more.

It’s not just your voice, it’s everything, stretching, releasing tension, opening your range. I hold tension in specific spots, and he showed me how to release the tension there, and how valuable that is to my performance.

He taught me all the ways to create a world and put me and my character into it. He inspired me to be a much freer and more physical performer.

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