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The Advanced Acting and Business Membership

Professional Development

Advanced Voiceover Studies for Graduates and Working Talent

For graduates of the School of Voiceover Core Curriculum Fundamentals Course.
Training by zoom customized 1-on-1 to your SPECIFIC goals, concentrating on effective acting self-direction, production for clients, and success via online marketplaces. Also includes:

  1. Fully customized 1-on-1 VO training
  2. FREE access to past workshops.
  3. Become a great talent, AND a great producer of your talent
  4. Credits for FREE weekly training, tech support, demos and updates, business assistance and more.
  5. Discounts on future workshops, classes, major events—including all special guest coaches.

Cancel anytime no questions asked!

  • 5-Session Two-week trial, just $99
  • $199/month after trial, drops from $199 to $149 after 3 months.
  • Twice weekly custom private 1-on-1’s plus other special trainings

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