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About Us

The School of Voiceover has taught entire talent agencies, and produced 78 one-day Money Voice Factory training events, producing as many as 350 sessions in a single day at large conference hotels with a large team of producers and experienced coaches. Coaches throughout the industry have worked through the School, including:

  1. Nine Agency and Studio Owners, each with decades of experience.
  2. Eight Agents. We have also trained talent who went on to become agents.
  3. Twenty-Two Top Talent. Four of whom taught voiceover at the Guthrie, most of whom have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the industry, some with decades of coaching experience.
  4. Eight Producers. Two of whom had won regional Emmys, three who also did casting.

Sarah Jones-Larson

Founder of the School of Voiceover, Sarah began her peformance career as a dancer with dance companies in Europe, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Minneapolis and Denver, and also works as an on-camera actor. She has taught thousands of dance classes, and was rated above the 99th percentile for her teaching skills as a Dance Faculty member at the University of Minnesota.

She began her voiceover career in the early 1980’s. She was for awhile in the 1990’s the highest-earning talent in the country’s 4th largest market, and also worked in Radio for nearly three decades. In the late 1990’s she began advising aspiring talent how to succeed in voiceover, and began teaching formal VO classes in the early 2000’s. She has taught over 20,000 1-on-1 voiceover sessions.

Dave Larson

Founder of Money Voice Factory (formerly the Voice Acting Expo), Dave began as a performer in the 1980’s doing improv and standup comedy. With a degree in Journalism, he went on to be a technical writer for the United Nations and elsewhere.

Sabrina Bee

Sabrina has years of experience in education, and began her acting career in Vancouver, later moving to Minneapolis. Besides coaching voice acting, she is the Curriculum Coordinator for the School, ensuring teaching methods are customized as needed to help students at all levels.

Payton Woodson

Payton received the award at the White House for his work teaching acting to youth in the famous Chicago Street program.

Michael Curran-Dorsano

A Julliard Graduate and Julliard Award Winner for Theater, Michael has been a dialect coach on projects such as Django, and has worked on stage, screen, and behind the mic in the United States and Europe. He is known for playing Lieutenant Gator for five seasons on TNT’s The Last Ship.