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You’re in training all day regardless of how many recorded sessions you sign up for.

BEST DEAL5 or 6 recorded sessions—each additional recorded session (after 3) costs less, and is longer than the previous one.

BEGINNERS ► Don’t sign up for more than 6 recorded sessions; 7-9 sessions is better for pros. You don’t want to spend all day in recorded sessions because the free skill and info workshops contain info you’ll want to have!

LUNCHWe give you time to eat, but not time to go out. Add our inexpensive $5 lunch from Costco to your order, or bring your own. Chicken+Swiss+Tomato roll-up (gluten) sandwiches plus gluten-free snacks.

DISCOUNTSRemember to enter a discount code and experiment with options to get the price that’s right for you!

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