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Category: Talent Coordinators

Angela Blackmon

Talent Coordinators Angela is a Voice Talent and Script Writer at UnityWorks! Media where she also works as a Production Assistant. She has also worked as a film editor, TV camera operator and is educated in Animation, Visual...

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Lori Wilczek

Talent Coordinators Lori is your Lead Service Coordinator, and for over 12 years owner and jewelry...

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Kristen Kinnear-Ohlmann

Talent Coordinators Kristen is a voice talent, and a data architect and developer who helps coordinate talent and student records. With voice talent Don Kurta working together on a script Working with engineer Ted...

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Sandra Larson

Talent Coordinators Sandra Larson has over 40 years of leadership experience within the public, nonprofit and private sector. She is an accomplished poet and nonprofit...

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