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Sunday, December 11 • 11am, 12:30 and 2pm times available • SIGNUP: Just $44 for Payton or save an additional $30 and get both Payton AND Joe for just $58!
All sessions will be over Zoom.

Tell YOUR truth as a pro VO talent. What do buyers need to know and hear about YOUR voice and personality?

The “Tell YOUR Truth” Workshop:

Experience a directed Zoom session with voice talent, acclaimed actor and Master VO Coach Payton Woodson. Includes pre-session homework, guided warmup, 1-on-1 with Payton in a small group, follow-up assistance after the session, and customized homework. Chose your 90-minute time slot on Sunday, December 11 

Black Friday Deal: Two workshops, two coaches, just $58!

Which Audition Wins?

Casting Director’s Explanation:

“I listen for one authentic moment—which most auditions have zero of—and then figure we’ll bring you into the studio and get a few more moments out of you. Pros sound like non-actors. New talent sound like bad actors.”

Your Brand Voice is who you are. If you try to fake or push to sound like what you “think they want” instead of using your own personality, they will detect inauthenticity.

Payton is here to help you be your authentic self, NOT to choose scripts and styles for your demo or auditions.

Brand vs. Money Voice

Your Money Voice is what your brand voice is paid the most for. Money Voice consultants charge $250–$500/hr—but you can EASILY become an expert on your money voice. Here’s how.

If you are a student of ours, this is in your demo report and the private Wild Lines group. But here’s an introduction:

  1. Listen to LA & NY Demos here.
  2. Read the Acting Tips at “What is Voiceover?”
Producing your Money Voice

Don’t push your voice to try to make it sound better—produce it properly from your home studio

  1. Use the right equipment
  2. Follow demo production tips

Registrants! Payton would like to know more about you:

Please provide a brief summary of your Acting, Speaking and Performing background
Your Session Goals
What would you like to achieve in working with Payton?
Anything else you would like to share?
Any specific questions?

“Let’s find your brand”.


Black Friday Deal—$30 more off!

About Payton Woodson

Presented at the White House with the Coming Up Taller Award for his coaching via the acclaimed Chicago Avenue Project, Payton has extensive voiceover and acting experience.

His regular spots for clients such as General Mills and Thrivent keep him busy, and he recently completed a full length documentary narration for the movie about John Westley Donaldson “The Most Famous Baseball Player you Never Heard of”.

Workshop Preparation

For the best experience, stand while having a microphone nearby, either via headset, Bluetooth or standing studio mic. Minimal familiarity with Zoom required. You will receive your choice of start times and zoom link to attend after registering. 100% money-back guarantee.