Audio for Voiceover Demos

Google Chrome has begun blocking audio from playing on many websites. If audio does not play in AudioBlocks on your desktop computer when you hover over it, do this:

  1. Right-click on the browser tab
  2. Click in a blank area on the page

That’s it! You should be able to hear music when you hover

Music should enhance or increase the emotional experience of the writing, voiceover performance and brand voice of the talent.

The goal is to better feel the INTENDED message—to bring out the writer’s intention using emotion.

Example: If a talent has a warm voice in a warm performance, but the the intention is sarcasm, the music has to support the warm sound, but more importantly, bring out the quirky message. So the start for music options would be among the quirky category. It’s possible that a warm music option with a quirky edge and a sound effect might do the job, but if the writer’s intent is quirky, the music choice must support that.

If the talent’s vocal personality and acting skill are a good match for the intention of the spot, then the music has less work to do, and can be chosen to bring out more detail in the emotional brand message that the client paid the ad agency to create.

But if the talent’s skill or vocal personality have insufficient depth to convey the intended experience, use music to fill in the missing depth. For example, if a spot is supposed to be funny, but the talent is more naturally a warm voice and is not quite skilled enough to make it feel very humorous, find music that is both warm and offbeat: warm to blend with the talent’s sound, and quirky to bring out the writer’s intended humor.