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How Actors Succeed in Top Markets

I’m going to share some advice from posts on the great Talent Managers for Actors Facebook group here. The group describes itself as “… a crazy powerful group in Hollywood (so be on your best behavior).”

This advice is about how to make significant income in Top English speaking-markets. Agents and managers want actors that have lots of training, experience and GREAT acting clips.

How to Get Started

Typically you build a portfolio, put yourself onto online casting sites, then contact managers and agents. The group’s main advice is this:

1. Learn How To Act before you do ANYTHING else.  Get into tons of acting classes (scene study, on-camera acting, improv, voice over)
2. Get PROFESSIONAL headshots. Sample
3. Create Acting profiles on 2-4 of the top online casting sites (more info below).
4. Record a High Definition clip of a monologue or short scene using good lighting, good sound in front of a blank wall. Scene Example  • Monologue Example
5. Upload your clip (s) to your online profiles
6. Create a pro looking resume
7. Submit yourself DAILY on the top casting sites
8. Book 5-10 short films, student films, and web-series.
9. Add your bookings and acting classes to your hard copy and online resumes as you go.
10. Upload 3-4 30 second clips to your online profiles
11. Only THEN present these to a Manager, or Agent!!!!

Top Online Casting Sites

Anything you post on these sites you should also post on your YouTube channel. The group’s advice is that every actor has to have both an Actors Access and a CASTING NETWORK account they can link to their reps so their reps can use it to submit to casting.

However, only Agents and Managers have Access to higher profile TV & Film projects. SOME smaller breakdowns are released to the public on Actors Access and LA Casting/Casting Networks that Actors can submit to themselves to get experience and build their resumes. So, for the really good high profile, Feature Films and For Episodic TV, Netflix Shows, Amazon Shows or any of the Network Shows, you need to have an Agent or Manager submitting you, unless you have developed relationship with a Casting Director who knows your work and who might bring you in to read….then maybe. Only Agents and Managers have access to the high Quality Breakdowns.

1. Actors Access

One of the Breakdown Services. Includes UK and Australia. Used by major casting offices and shows. Typically only responds to talent with agents. Best bang for the buck. Yes, you start here to help yourself GET an agent.

2. Casting Networks (formerly LA Casting)

Great for self-submissions.

3. Casting Frontier

4. Others

IMDB Pro also lists a lot of great Acting jobs that are being cast. Also, movies in Pre Production are listed there and you can submit to the Production Companies or The Casting Director who is casting that Film.

Casting Frontier Is a platform that Commercial Agent may ask you to sign up for because that’s one of the platforms they use.

Casting Workbook is good for Canada.

Nowcasting can also be good. And Backstage Is a platform that can be used anywhere in the country for all kinds of projects.

Avoicd 800casting: “An outdated platform not used for legitimate projects for film and TV. It is used for low/no budget project sometimes, and some commercial casting directors like it for its backend platform. It is not user-friendly.”

Individual states often have a platform where they have a lot of state Castings. Here is a reference to many casting sites from casting.li by actor Burt Culver

Links to Reviews
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