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12-Part Voiceover Workout

This course is $174. You will also receive a $75 credit good towards any other training at the completion of the course, so your effective cost is just $99! Scroll to the bottom to set up your sessions after registering. If you have any questions before registering, click here:

It is recommended that you attend a Voice Acting Expo before and after this workout series if you are planning on working in the Twin Cities.

This series is designed to be customized towards any voice acting goal, such as narrative, commercial, promo, audiobooks, animation and video gaming voice acting, etc. Click below to register and pay when you are ready to begin:


► Once you’ve registered, click each button at the bottom of this email below to schedule each training part, and check your email for confirmation.

Be prepared to be standing with both hands free (use speakerphone or a headset) during each 30-minute call.

► During each session you will receive homework to practice before the next session. You MUST practice the homework you are given at least 3 times over three DAYS before each session. If you do not, you MUST reschedule the next upcoming session using the link in your confirmation email.


► This series is designed as a tune-up for pros, so you must have scripts to work from ready to go. If you need scripts to perform, click this button:

3150 Searchable Voiceover scripts

► Part 6 is 45 minutes in-person on-mic at the School of Voiceover Training Center just off 394 & 100 west of Minneapolis, so click here for directions before leaving for that session.


You can schedule all your sessions in advance if you wish, but you will have to click each button separately to schedule each session

To reschedule or cancel any session, simply use the link in your email confirmation for that session.

(If haven’t registered yet and still have questions, click here.)

Part 1  ►
  Homework Sessions 1-3
Part 2  ►
Part 3  ►
  Homework Sessions 4-6
Part 4  ►
Part 5  ►
  Homework Sessions 7-9
Part 6  ►
Part 7  ►
  Homework Sessions 10-12
Part 8  ►
Part 9  ►
  Homework Sessions 13-15
Part 10  ►
  Record and Send in Audition
Part 11  ►
  Receive Audition Evaluation
Part 12  ►
  Online Study: Learn how to prepare your resume, website, demo clips and start working online
Bonus!  ►
  Career counseling