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Complete Voiceover Training (Meredith Special)

Have an agent? Call to check class dates
No agent? Call to audition

🎯 90-day Course in 8 Weeks:

🎯 Complete Home Studio
🎯 1-on-1 Training
🎯 Weekly Workshops

🎯 1-on-1 Career Counseling
🎯 2-Month Online Membership
🎯 Home Study Audition Course
🎯 Personalized Career Plan

✨Topics Include:

✨Easiest Money Gigs
✨Session Money Skills
✨Your Brand Voice

✨Voiceover Acting Pyramid
✨Make ’em WANT to listen
✨Personalized Acting Process
✨Agents vs Clients vs Online


🎧 Complete Home Studio (or equivalent credit):

🎧 Professional Condenser Microphone comparable to Hogan Signature Series 1-A  (listen to comparisons with mics costing as much as $3,600).

🎧 SIXTY square feet of NRC 1.05 lightweight acoustic panels easy to hang, mount, place or store (conforming to ASTM C423 testing).

🎧 Studio console-level power from balanced true 48V Phantom Power Supply. Includes audio adapter for PC, Mac, iOs or Android devices (why balanced signals?).

🎧 4-conductor XLR low noise microphone cable (why 4 conductors?).

🎧 Adjustable stand with articulating microphone boom arm and copy holder.

🎧 Double-paned pro 6.1″ pop filter • 360-degree flexible 13.6″ gooseneck • Swivel clamp base.

🎧 Full tech support and assistance included.