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We’re preparing several courses for how to succeed in online voiceover marketplaces. You’ve been selected for a 90% off trial of the first course “Succeed on Fiverr” as we develop it, before it becomes available to the public.

To participate, you have to agree to follow program rules. You can drop out at any time, and you can be dropped at any time for not following the rules.

The main rule is accept all work without complaint so as to rapidly increase your quality ranking, which causes Fiverr to connect you with higher-paying, higher-quality clients. Otherwise, we ask that you initially follow instructions given, rather than try out alternate ideas of your own.

Three things you should know about voiceover on Fiverr:

  1. You should be able to get multiple clients right away, and average and then exceed a dozen clients/month before long. Expect a minimum of a dozen or more clients in your first 60-90 days.
  2. There are voice talent on Fiverr who have received over $200,000 in a single year of Fiverr profits. But our favorite voiceover success story on Fiverr is the guy who decided he never wanted to work more than an hour a day, never became a top-rated seller but after several months on Fiverr his best month’s profit exceeded $5,000 (he did admit that he ended up working up to but never more than 90 minutes a day twice a week).
  3. Many successful “voice talent” on Fiverr are not really voice talent at all. They’re poor actors, with a variety of vocal issues. Some top sellers don’t even use a studio at all—they just use a headset! So success on Fiverr alone does not automatically make you a “professional voice talent”.

There are four ways to respond to the Fiverr opportunity:

1. Ignore it.

I searched through voice talent with high gig prices once (likely averaging over $350 per gig), and tried to track them down outside of Fiverr. Some used the same profile photo on their LinkedIn page, and I found them through reverse image search. One was a union voice talent that had done 100’s of gigs on Fiverr, some that could cost a buyer over $1,000.

So if you want to ignore Fiverr because the gig prices are too low, you need to learn more about what’s possible.

2. Get a Few Clients, Then Quit

If you want to market yourself, it helps to have a list of recent clients you’ve done work for showing on your website. You can take care of that on Fiverr in under a month, sometimes in just a few days.

3. Guaranteed Income So You Can Pursue Professional Voice over.

What does the life of most actors look like? They either have a very flexible day job or financial support from family …or they stop pursuing acting. Acting income is incredibly random and unreliable—and averages very, VERY low annually. You can NOT pursue acting without financial support OUTSIDE of acting.

This is the the best reason for most people to get on Fiverr: So you can quit or drastically scale back your day job next year and have the income and flexibility you need to pursue high-paying professional voice over work.

4. Support Yourself Solely From Fiverr Profits

You’ll find that if you pursue this properly, you will still likely end up earning more OUTSIDE of Fiverr, because everyone smart enough to do well on Fiverr is smart enough to do well off Fiverr as well.

For example, over time, some of your Fiverr clients will track you down and work with you directly, off Fiverr. And the strategies you use to succeed on Fiverr can also be applied to other marketplaces over time.

The Secret of the Hidden Algorithm

There is one HUGE secret you need to understand to accelerate your success: most online marketplaces rely on an algorithm—a set of rules applied to you by a computer (though at at times adjusted by humans). The algorithm determines which and how many buyers learn about you when they are searching for someone to do a voiceover job for them. You will get MORE orders and HIGHER-quality orders the higher your quality ranking is. Here’s how that works:

A marketplace is a pool of buyers (your potential clients) and a pool of sellers (you and others). The marketplace wants to keep both buyers AND sellers (you) happy.

To do that, they match up buyers with sellers. High-quality buyers are matched up with high-quality sellers. UNKNOWN or low-quality buyers are matched up with unknown or low-quality sellers.

Besides performing quality matching, they also have to perform quantity matching. This means to keep sellers (you) happy, they have to make sure you get enough work, by matching the quantity of buyers somewhat fairly with the quantity of sellers. More about this in a bit.

Back to quality: When a buyer searches for “voice over” on Fiverr, the algorithm works similar to how Google shows results. Some simple examples:

First-time buyers will be shown mostly first-time sellers. (All “first-timers” are of mostly unknown quality, so the algorithm matches them up together.)

Very high-quality, higher-paying long-time buyers will be shown mostly high-quality, long-time sellers.

One Super Simple, Super Easy Trick

So to get high-paying, high-quality buyers, you need to increase your own quality rating as rapidly as possible. This is your top goal when you get started. Fortunately it’s easy to do, and simple to understand.

The simple trick is to accept all jobs without complaint for 90 days or so until you achieve the quality score of a “Level Two Seller”.

Level Two Seller quality score requirements are: Complete 50 or more individual orders, and over the course of any 60 day period, maintain a 4.7 star rating, and a 90% response rate and order completion rate. (You must also avoiding receiving warnings for at least 30 days in a row at some point).

While you WILL earn thousands of dollars on your path to level two, quality rating is what you are competing for, not dollars…not yet. (You will AUTOMATICALLY be awarded outer perks and benefits of the “Level Two Seller” rating after you achieve the quality score simply provided you stay on Fiverr at least 120 days and earn at least $2,000.)

So you MUST ethically take advantage of every opportunity to rapidly increase your quality score. Your quality score determines both the quality and quantity of high-quality buyers the search engine will show you to, and you want as big and high-quality a share of the search engine pie you can get.

Part of increasing your score is realizing that you are competing with other sellers that are trying to increase their score. So if they do something Fiverr approves of that works, you need to do it as well. Simply put, you must accept all work without complaint until you achieve the level two quality score.

Getting Quality AND Quantity

The first month you experience a big jump in buyers contacting you, your next month will probably be slower. Why? Because you were likely rotated in and out of a top position in the search results. The algorithm is trying to distribute benefits not just fairly, but equally. The benefit of being on the first page of search results has to be shared among a large group of high-quality sellers. The algorithm will rotate different high-quality sellers through the position of first in the search results: It can’t always give the a top position to the same seller or sellers. 

This means that no matter how great your quality score is, they can’t give you ALL the great clients ALL the time. They want EVERYONE to succeed, which means evening things out a bit over time. Hence if they help you a TON one month, they will likely help you less the next month. But it all evens out.

However, you can succeed far, FAR beyond whatever the algorithm allocates to you! How? Though repeat business. These are clients that bypass the algorithm—they don’t use search—and click straight over to you.

So helping you get repeat buyers is one of the top goals of this program, and is your second-highest priority. Plus, getting repeat clients automatically increases your quality score towards Level Two!