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Burt’s Bees: Startup

This is the story of a startup. A different kind of startup. The founders didn’t meet in a boardroom. And this was headquarters. This, their venture capital. You could say they lacked a strategy. But what they had was gumption. A belief in the power of nature. Rosemary, sweet almond oil and beeswax. For nourishing, effective skincare that says, I hear you, Skin. People took notice. Sales went national. Then to Canada. Sweeping Europe. Asia. Latin America. Even Easter Island. Burt got famous. Splurged on his wardrobe. Fame never went to his scruffy-haired head. They put their commitment in writing. Crafted their belief in sustainability. Invested in community outreach. And nature? Is still CEO. At the place where it started. At the start of a movement. That started it all.