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Cheerios: Similarities

Hula hoops. Radial tires. Life preservers. What do these objects have in common with Cheerios? Give it a second, it’ll come to you…

Despite these similarities, there’s really only one choice when it comes to great taste and nutrition. Trust me on this one. Cheerios has been a family favorite for years – at breakfast time, snack time, anytime. With one hundred percent natural whole grain O’s in eleven different varieties, there’s always a new way to enjoy Cheerios.

Sure, a tasty Cheerios “O” may not shimmy like a hula hoop, roll you to Gramma’s house like a radial tire, and is definitely not recommended for an open water rescue. But if you’re looking for wholesome goodness that’s low in sugar, low in fat, and cholesterol free, the answer is “O” so clear.

Cheerios. The one and O-O-only.