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Cintas: Astrophysicists

When you’ve got a job that’s one-part physical labor and two parts customer contact, you need a shirt that can handle some sweat; and keep its crisp, clean look for your clients. But where would you find such a thing? Does a shirt so smart even exist?

Oh yeah. We’ve got it right here.

See, we scoured the globe to find the most high-tech, wrinkle resistant, formidable fabric on the planet. And along with a team of nerds, geeks, and astrophysicists, Cintas developed a mind-blowing Rental work shirt that would make MOM proud.

Did we really consult an astrophysicist?


But we did find a guy who developed the world’s best wrinkle-free fabric, with body heat activated wrinkle release technology.

And then we souped it up with a reinforced banded and fused collar. And topped it off with a little Color-fast technology

In laymen’s terms, it’s built to stay sharp and professional with no pressing required. And wash after wash the color doesn’t fade and it looks great.

Triple-clean steaming pops out the wrinkles while cleaning and deodorizing.

We know you care about your image

So call Cintas today and let us help you get ready for the workday.