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City-County Federal Credit Union: Local

SFX: phone rings

Woman: City-County Federal Credit Union. May I help you?
Man: (slowly, loudly) Is this City-County Federal Credit Union?

Woman: Yes it is.
Man: Can you hear me okay?

Woman: Sure can. Loud and clear.
Man: Your English is really good!

Woman: Thank you, I’ve been speaking it all my life.
Man: And this phone line! it’s so clear! It’s almost like City-County Federal Credit Union is just across town!

Woman: It is.
Man: It … it is?

Woman: Yes sir!
Man: But … I thought all you guys had phone banks in, like, Timbuktu!

Woman: (laughing) No, not City County Federal. In fact, of our eight neighborhood locations, the most remote is in Minnetonka.
Man: That’s not remote.

Woman: I know. But it sure helps when you wanna talk to a real person about a low rate on a car loan. Or get higher returns on your money market account.
Man: That’s awesome. (beat) So how is Bloomington this time of year?

Woman: Oh really nice. You should come visit sometime.