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Cub: Cherries 1

So I’m in Cub’s produce department when I see prices that stop me cold. 1.29 a pound for jumbo Washington Bing cherries? I wheel my cart closer to read the fine print. Yep! It’s the real deal, an amazingly low price for 3 days only! Maybe I’ll pick up a pie crust in case I get ambitious! I keep walking, only to come to a screeching halt AGAIN! 99 cents a pound for Roma tomatoes? Just think! of the possibilities! Sliced on burgers, quartered for kabobs, chopped atop tacos! My imagination runs wild! I grab as many as I think my family can possibly eat! I mean, I know Cub has low prices, but this? this is LOWER than low, good only now through Saturday. That’s 1.29 a pound for jumbo Washington bing cherries, and 99 cents a pound for Roma tomatoes –through Saturday at Cub! SOOO what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!