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Cub: Cherries 2

No disrespect to the fabulous summer veggies, but now through Saturday, all eyes are on the CHERRIES, in Cub’s produce department. Could be their GLORIOUS color, but I’m thinking it’s the amazing, low price. Just a dollar-29 a pound! A dollar-29 a pound for jumbo sweet dark red cherries just BEGGING to be tossed into a fruit salad– or eaten right off the stem. And while I’m here, I quick, find my way to the bread aisle. Because Cub sliced bread is just 88 cents a loaf. 88 cents a loaf! That’s lunch for an entire week! Ham and Swiss, Turkey and cheddar… do I hear P, B, and J? Everyone’s favorite sandwiches, compliments of everyone’s favorite cook. Comin’ right up!