Agreement to make Demo Clips

If you would like our help turning your work into samples you can share with agents, you must follow the Rules of Commercial Demos. Key points are summarized here, but you must actually read the rules.

The industry expects the first samples of your work to be COMMERCIAL samples. Even if your dream is animation, audiobooks or narrative, your first samples are expected to be commercials.

When you are new, agents will often listen to as few as 3-5 of your clips. Your best work should be first, so including more than 3-5 clips may mean including more lower-quality clips, which is a bad idea.

Each clip must sound like it is from a real commercial! If we can’t tell if it is a commercial, or it doesn’t seem like a commercial, don’t include it! No audiobook, animation, narrative or other types should be included. (Exception: Some kinds of narrative sound like a commercial, and these are sometimes okay.)

Generally, you should choose the most authentic takes from whatever recordings you have or will make of your commercial performances. You should choose more takes than you need, and we will help you narrow it down.

Agreement with School of Voiceover before making demo clips

Your final cost will depend on how many clips you want us to make for you. We reserve the right to refund you if you provide selections that are poor quality, or if you make selections of your work that are not in line with the agreement above.

1 for $21 … $21
2 for $38 .. $17 more than 1 ($19 each)
3 for $54 . $16 more than 2 ($18 each)
4 for $68 .. $14 more than 3 ($17 each)
5 for $85 . $17 more than 4 ($17 each)

(More than 5 requires prior approval):
6 for $96 . $11 more than 5 ($16 each)
7 for $105 .. $9 more than 6 ($15 each)
8 for $112 $7 more than 7 ($14 each)