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Essential Audition Terminology

Just knowing audition posting terminology can teach you a lot about the voiceover industry. How much do YOU know?

This is what a service such as Voice Casting Hub asks producers to know when a client posts an audition:

 Agency Fee: What percentage will you pay the agents you’ve invited? Non-union agency fees are typically 20% and union fees are 10%.

 ipDTL: This uses the Chrome browser for two-way digital connection. Available at https://ipdtl.com/

 Conflicts/Exclusivity — Are you claiming exclusivity for a product category? Typically no exclusivity applies to non-broadcast, radio or web usage without additional payments to cover the exclusivity.

 Studio — For out of town talent, will you pay for a studio in their home city?  Studio requirements — For out of town talent, what kind of connectivity do you need?

 ISDN —Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) uses traditional telephone lines to allow two-way, high fidelity, real time communication and recording from a home studio to high-end studios, stations and networks elsewhere, all over the world. Both parties must have access to ISDN for it to work.  Source Connect: Similar to ISDN, but uses internet software and telecommunication technology you may already be subscribing to, such as DSL, cable or T-1. But your transmission speed must be at least 300kpbs, both up and down. It is available through Source Elements. http://source-elements.com/products/source-connect  Source Connect Now: This is the free version of Source Connect, also available through Source Elements.

 Phone Patch: A Phone Patch is an electronic box that allows a direct connection to a mixer or digital audio interface to standard telephone lines. The mic signal is routed to the telephone as if the talent are speaking into a telephone receiver. The talent is recorded at their studio and audio files are delivered after the session. Alternative: Skype is a software program that uses the internet to make telephone calls, and may include both audio and video. The talent is recorded at their studio and audio files are delivered after the session.

 Local: For One Market/ADI only  Regional: For more than one market in a contiguous geographical area, such as within one state or in 2-4 connected states.  National: For all or several markets across the United States.  North America: Includes both the United States and Canada.

 Union: This applies when the talent buyer wants to use talent who are professional members of SAG AFTRA in the U.S. or ACTRA in Canada, or EQUITY in the United Kingdom.  Non-Union: This applies when the talent are not members of these unions.